Mystic Messenger Yoosung Walkthrough Ending Days 2020

Yoosung Kim is one of the youngest characters in Mystic Messenger. He is a university student and loves to play a game named LOLOL. He is so addicted to the game that he has no time even to get a scholarship. Yoosung’s aunt adopted Rika and feel regret about this.Mystic Messenger Yoosung

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger Yoosung Endings

The route of Yoodung is available in casual story mode. The route of Yoosung starts on day 5. If you complete day 1 to day 5 routes then you’ll be on Yoosung’s route.

Messenger Yoosung Day 5:


  • 1: What are you doing at night?
  • 2: Yoosung feels a bit different from now.
  • 3: And the other members?
  • 4: Good memories.
  • 5: Yoosung seems happy too.
  • 6: What was he like before?
  • 7: He’s only a sophomore. He still has a lot of time.
  • 8: Nah. It’s nothing like that.
  • 9: It was good talking to you, Seven ^^

Mystic  Yoosung Day 6:


  • 1: Jaehee, you’re up pretty late.
  • 2: I think Rika is a very large part of Yoosung’s life.
  • 3: I’m worried too. Get better soon.
  • 4: I’m going to stay up more.
  • 5: Good night, Jaehee.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Day 9:


  • 1: Jaehee, did you get to Jumin’s place safely?
  • 2: What did the email say?
  • 3: He’ll get there safe.
  • 4: The cat’s so cute…

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