Mystic Messenger V Route Walkthrough Endings 2020

V, with his real name Jihyun Kim, is the leader of RFA and a good friend of Jumin. He played the role of fiancé to Rika and became mad after her death in the past Mystic Messenger V. V always takes care of his friends and never reveals their secrets to anyone even if it is RFA.Mystic Messenger V Route Endings

What is Mystic Messenger V Route?

According to the latest update, the walkthrough of V’s route is only available in Another Story. We came with the full guide of how to deal with the emails on V’s route. As V’s route starts on day 5 we give you a whole idea about the walkthrough. For a happy ending make sure that you follow our guide and instructions one by one.

Mystic Messenger V Route Walkthrough – How to deal with Mystic Messenger emails in V Route?

Day 5


  • 1: Ray, explain yourself about what happened back there!!
  • 2: I don’t believe you… He looks and sounds the same as the V I know.
  • 3: So this was no game from the beginning…!
  • 4: Promise me you won’t do anything bad to the V I just saw…
  • 5: Are you threatening me?
  • 6: That’s easier said than done.


  • 1: Oh…looks like the hacker who sent me here doesn’t trust me anymore.
  • 2: Is V safe?
  • 3: (any)
  • 4: The connection seems unstable… I’m worried about him.
  • 5: That man I saw was you, right? Are you ok?
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: (any)
  • 8: Alright, I’ll keep a secret about what happens here.
  • 9: Seven, do you invent things a lot?
  • 10: You’ve encrypted them since you can’t tell right now where you are, right?
  • 11: Did he forget the word he input by any chance?
  • 12: (any)
  • 13: V… shouldn’t you get help from the rest of the RFA?
  • 14: (any)
  • 15: V…I really want to know what you’re thinking.
  • 16: I understand that you’re trying to do this alone… But promise me that you’ll be safe, V.
  • 17: Seven…thank you for understanding V.
  • 18: Uh..did you get hurt by any chance?
  • 19: Ok… Please call me as soon as you can

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