Mystic Messenger Rika Route Cosplay Gallery 2020

Mystic Messenger Rika GalleryRika is a beautiful girl with long hair. She’s a slender girl with fair skin. But she is not alive now. Rika loved by RFA members because RFA was founded was her and V (her ex-fiancee). When she was alive she wants to make everyone happy. She always stays up to raise funds for those who need it. The Mystic Messenger Rika was facing some mental problems because of his father who leaves her and his mother died.

Mystic Messenger Rika Route:

7:00 – 12:00

  • “Let’s start the morning together”
  • “There are so many souls awaiting my help today as well.”
  • “The sun is so gorgeous. I’d hate to leave my bed.”
  • “What should we do today? Want to give me an idea?”

12:00 – 17:00

  • “If that day where everyone can enjoy a meal together would come…”
  • “Get plenty of energy and cheer up!”
  • “It’s the time when the sun reaches the top of the sky.”
  • “Make sure you get your lunch!”

17:00 – 21:00

  • “It’s so sad to see the sun set. It feels like the warmth is waning…”
  • “What’s today’s menu for dinner. I wish we could’ve dined together.”
  • “Come, sit. Sit with me and let’s chat.”
  • “No one knows the sensual moment of darkness gushing in and light retreating.”

Rika Mystic Messenger Cos play:


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