Mystic Messenger Ray Saeran Route Walkthrough After Ending Emojis 2020

Mystic Messenger Unknown with his real name Saeran Choi is one of the characters in Mystic Messenger who is against this. He is the twin brother of Saeyoung Choi and played the role of a student of Mint Eye and as a hacker. In first (during visual novel) his shown as “???” three questions mark. In Another Story, Saeran continues to keep using his name as Unknown. But later on, he switches his name to Ray.

Mystic Messenger Saeran Route – Mystic Messenger Ray Route Walkthrough:

When you play in Casual Story mode, during the climax of Yoosung and Zen’s route some of the hints are revealed about Unknown’s presence. It’s confirmed that Unkown is against Seven and resent him again. This is then confirmed when Seven shocked on seeing Unknown in the Jumin’s route which is in Deep Story mode. If you want a good ending make sure that you follow our instructions given below.


  • 1: (any)
  • 2: (any)
  • 3: Im sure a better role awaits you in the future!
  • 4: (any)
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: How about playing a female role?
  • 7: I already know about you, Zen hehe
  • 8: It’s Hyun Ryu.
  • 9: Can I call you honey?
  • 10: Ray?
  • 11: When are you going to drop by my room?
  • 11: (any)
  • 12: You, Ray ^^
  • 13: Could you first tell me what you like?
  • 14: See you soon, Ray!
  • 15: Tell me about it. Is it some sort of bug?
  • 16: Your selfie storage!
  • 17: The most important cities of the entire world will be struck by a plague of zombies infected by your beauty…
  • 18: Don’t go, o lord of a shameless beauty…

Mystic Messenger Ray after Ending:

Party is available after the mid-day and can be held any time you want. Make sure that you create a backup before you start the party. If you continue with guest’s you face a normal ending.

Day 11


  • 1: [party and ending]

Mystic Messenger Ray Emoji:

Mystic Messenger Ray Emoji:

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