Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Walkthrough Route Good Ending [Updated 2020]

Jumin with his full name Jumin Han is the richest character in Mystic Messenger because he is the son of C&R international company owner. He always out for trips.Mystic Messenger

He loves cats and claims that only cats are loyal to him. It owned a Persian Cats named Elizabeth. 707 call him Elly. He loves his father as well and they often exchange gifts. Jumin likes to have wine with him always.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Walkthrough – What Is The Route Of Jumin?

You have maximum chances to have a happy ending if you are on the route of Jumin Han. We have provided almost everything you need to know about the walkthrough of Jumin Han. If you want to have Jumin Han make sure that you are playing win Deep Story mode in

What’s the Reason Behind Messenger Jumin x Zen

As we told above that Jumin is one of the richest characters in Mystic Messenger. His perspective about the world is very different as compared to other characters. That is why Jumin and Zen often came into conflict with each other. But the thing is that they don’t care about what others think about them. And even they help RFA members when any one of them faces problems.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Day 1


  • 1: Hello.
  • 2: But Jumin, don’t you have to go to work?
  • 3: I was just bored lol
  • 4: Wow! So pretty.
  • 5: Isn’t it natural to just work as much as you get paid?
  • 6: I’m pretty sure it’s tears of joy +_+
  • 7: Goodbye.

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