Best Mystic Messenger Email Guide – Things You Should Know About Mystic Messenger in 2020

Mystic Messenger also known as a Mysterious Messenger is a South Korean female-oriented game. It was developed by Cheritz and released on July 8, 2016. First, it was released for Android, and later on, Cheritz made it possible for IOS users as well. Mystic Messenger is officially released for IOS on August 18, 2016. It is available in three different languages Korean, Spanish, and English Mystic Messenger Guide. You can imagine the popularity of the game by knowing that it won the Best Indie Game award just in one year of its release.Mystic Messenger Guide

Mystic Messenger Phone Call Guide

As you know that it’s like a real-life game. So the things that happened in this game are also like happening in real life. If you played the game and exist from it you still receive calls from the members. You have 10 seconds to respond to a call. And if you don’t respond to the call within 10 seconds then you can call him/her back in the next chat room for 5 to 10 hourglasses. But on day 11 if you missed call, you won’t call them again.

And if you want to call other members you can call them for 5 hourglasses in the casual story and for 10 hourglasses in Another story. Sometimes they pick the call and sometimes they don’t but your hourglasses will be charges and don’t refund.

Mystic Messenger Text Message Guide – Mystic Messenger Chat Guide:

You receive different messages and emails in this game and you have to reply to them. We came with a short guide for responding to those mails and messages. It’s not 100% perfect you can just take ideas from it that how you can respond to those messages.

  • *name* it’s me Seven–
  • Let’s partayyyy tonight! (707 +)


  • *name* it’s me, Yoosung–
  • I’ll try my best 🙂 (Yoosung +)


  • *name* it’s me, Zen–
  • Let’s talk about some personal stuff (Zen +)


  • I don’t know if you–
  • Thanks for telling me 🙂 (Jaehee +)


  • Slim waist, beautiful fur… Cats are the best animals–
  • I think so too Jumin (Jumin +)

Mystic Messenger Guest Guide

Hosting party is not enough you have to invite guests to your party for a happy ending. And the guests not come by just messaging them. Their attendance depends on how you respond to them. Also, you need at least 10 guests to arrange a party. Before the party, you have 10 days to answer the emails. And the guest will come when you answer their emails correctly.

There are three emails that you have to answer, if any answer is wrong you can’t be able to invite them. If a green arrow appears, you answered correctly. If an orange or red arrow appears, your answer is wrong and you will fail in inviting them.

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