Top Mystic Messenger Characters Names For 2020

Top Mystic Messenger Characters Names For 2020

Top Mystic Messenger Characters NamesThere are seven characters in the game. In which six are alive and one (Rika) is dead. You will play with different characters in different stories e.g. Zen and Yoosung are available in Casual Story while V and 707 are only available in Deep story with Mystic Messenger Characters Names.

All Main Mystic Messenger Characters – Mystic Messenger Name List:

As we told above there are seven game characters, named are as follows:

  1. Zen

  2. Yoosung

  3. Jaehee Kang

  4. Jumin Han

  5. 707

  6. V

  7. Rika

Mystic Messenger Female Character – Mystic Messenger Girl Character:

Rika is the only female girl in Mystic Messenger. She is a beautiful girl with long hair and fair skin color. She is in the one who founded RFA. Unfortunately, there is no route for Rika in the games. It’s also told that she dies but no one is ready to witness this. We were informed that Rika was on a mission to save other members of the RFA. But she goes confused because of stress.

Mystic Messenger Character 707:

Saeyoung Choi also known as 707 or just seven is one of the amazing and important characters in Mystic Messenger. He is brilliant and a smart hacker and played the role of secret agent to the Mint Eye in the game. He is one of those who discover RFA. He loves to eat fast food. He has a very naughty attitude and love to have cats.

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