Who Is MC Mystic Messenger [Main Character 2020]?

MC Mystic MessengerShe is the main female protagonist of Mystic Messenger. After getting involved in the RFA, she is doing the job of a former member. During these 11 days, she will be able to do some romance with one of the members of the RFA which depends on the route of the MC Mystic game.

Ending of the game determined by how the MC treats each of the members and her behavior during the route she is doing.

There are five different avatars available for use in the game the standard appearance of the MC is a slender woman with fair skin and brown hair, as shown in several visuals of the game. In the game, her eyes are not usually shown, but in the default in-game avatar, her eyes are amber.

Mystic Messenger MC Cosplay:

Here is some of the best cosplay of MC’s in Mystic Messenger.

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