Who Is MC Mystic Messenger [Main Character 2020]?

MC Mystic MessengerShe is the main female protagonist of Mystic Messenger. After getting involved in the RFA, she is doing the job of a former member. During these 11 days, she will be able to do some romance with one of the members of the RFA which depends on the route of the MC Mystic game.

The ending of the game determined by how the MC treats each of the members and her behavior during the route she is doing.

There are five different avatars available for use in the game the standard appearance of the MC is a slender woman with fair skin and brown hair, as shown in several visuals of the game. In the game, her eyes are not usually shown, but in the default in-game avatar, her eyes are amber.

Mystic Messenger MC Cosplay:

Here is some of the best cosplay of MC’s in Mystic Messenger.

Mystic Messenger Ray Saeran Route Walkthrough After Ending Emojis 2020

Mystic Messenger Unknown to his real name Saeran Choi is one of the characters in Mystic Messenger who is against this. He is the twin brother of Saeyoung Choi and played the role of a student of Mint Eye and as a hacker. In first (during visual novel) his shown as “???” three questions mark. In Another Story, Saeran continues to keep using his name as Unknown. But later on, he switches his name to Ray.

Mystic Messenger Saeran Route – Mystic Messenger Ray Route Walkthrough:

When you play in Casual Story mode, during the climax of Yoosung and Zen’s route some of the hints are revealed about Unknown’s presence. It’s confirmed that Unkown is against Seven and resent him again. This is then confirmed when Seven shocked on seeing Unknown in the Jumin’s route which is in Deep Story mode. If you want a good ending make sure that you follow our instructions given below.


  • 1: (any)
  • 2: (any)
  • 3: I’m sure a better role awaits you in the future!
  • 4: (any)
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: How about playing a female role?
  • 7: I already know about you, Zen hehe
  • 8: It’s Hyun Ryu.
  • 9: Can I call you honey?
  • 10: Ray?
  • 11: When are you going to drop by my room?
  • 11: (any)
  • 12: You, Ray ^^
  • 13: Could you first tell me what you like?
  • 14: See you soon, Ray!
  • 15: Tell me about it. Is it some sort of bug?
  • 16: Your selfie storage!
  • 17: The most important cities of the entire world will be struck by a plague of zombies infected by your beauty…
  • 18: Don’t go, o lord of a shameless beauty…

Mystic Messenger Ray after Ending:

Party is available after the mid-day and can be held any time you want. Make sure that you create a backup before you start the party. If you continue with guest’s you face a normal ending.

Day 11


  • 1: [party and ending]

Mystic Messenger Ray Emoji:

Mystic Messenger Ray Emoji:

Mystic Messenger Rika Route Cosplay Gallery 2020

Mystic Messenger Rika Gallery

Mystic Messenger Rika GalleryRika is a beautiful girl with long hair. She’s a slender girl with fair skin. But she is not alive now. Rika loved by RFA members because RFA was founded was her and V (her ex-fiancee). When she was alive she wants to make everyone happy. She always stays up to raise funds for those who need it. The Mystic Messenger Rika was facing some mental problems because of his father who leaves her and his mother died.

Mystic Messenger Rika Route:

7:00 – 12:00

  • “Let’s start the morning together”
  • “There are so many souls awaiting my help today as well.”
  • “The sun is so gorgeous. I’d hate to leave my bed.”
  • “What should we do today? Want to give me an idea?”

12:00 – 17:00

  • “If that day where everyone can enjoy a meal together would come…”
  • “Get plenty of energy and cheer up!”
  • “It’s the time when the sun reaches the top of the sky.”
  • “Make sure you get your lunch!”

17:00 – 21:00

  • “It’s so sad to see the sun set. It feels like the warmth is waning…”
  • “What’s today’s menu for dinner. I wish we could’ve dined together.”
  • “Come, sit. Sit with me and let’s chat.”
  • “No one knows the sensual moment of darkness gushing in and light retreating.”

Rika Mystic Messenger Cos play:


Mystic Messenger Yoosung Walkthrough Ending Days 2020

Yoosung Kim is one of the youngest characters in Mystic Messenger. He is a university student and loves to play a game named LOLOL. He is so addicted to the game that he has no time even to get a scholarship. Yoosung’s aunt adopted Rika and feel regret about this.Mystic Messenger Yoosung

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger Yoosung Endings

The route of Yoodung is available in casual story mode. The route of Yoosung starts on day 5. If you complete day 1 to day 5 routes then you’ll be on Yoosung’s route.

Messenger Yoosung Day 5:


  • 1: What are you doing at night?
  • 2: Yoosung feels a bit different from now.
  • 3: And the other members?
  • 4: Good memories.
  • 5: Yoosung seems happy too.
  • 6: What was he like before?
  • 7: He’s only a sophomore. He still has a lot of time.
  • 8: Nah. It’s nothing like that.
  • 9: It was good talking to you, Seven ^^

Mystic  Yoosung Day 6:


  • 1: Jaehee, you’re up pretty late.
  • 2: I think Rika is a very large part of Yoosung’s life.
  • 3: I’m worried too. Get better soon.
  • 4: I’m going to stay up more.
  • 5: Good night, Jaehee.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Day 9:


  • 1: Jaehee, did you get to Jumin’s place safely?
  • 2: What did the email say?
  • 3: He’ll get there safe.
  • 4: The cat’s so cute…

Mystic Messenger V Route Walkthrough Endings 2020

V, with his real name Jihyun Kim, is the leader of RFA and a good friend of Jumin. He played the role of fiancé to Rika and became mad after her death in the past Mystic Messenger V. V always takes care of his friends and never reveals their secrets to anyone even if it is RFA.Mystic Messenger V Route Endings

What is Mystic Messenger V Route?

According to the latest update, the walkthrough of V’s route is only available in Another Story. We came with the full guide of how to deal with the emails on V’s route. As V’s route starts on day 5 we give you a whole idea about the walkthrough. For a happy ending make sure that you follow our guide and instructions one by one.

Mystic Messenger V Route Walkthrough – How to deal with Mystic Messenger emails in V Route?

Day 5


  • 1: Ray, explain yourself about what happened back there!!
  • 2: I don’t believe you… He looks and sounds the same as the V I know.
  • 3: So this was no game from the beginning…!
  • 4: Promise me you won’t do anything bad to the V I just saw…
  • 5: Are you threatening me?
  • 6: That’s easier said than done.


  • 1: Oh…looks like the hacker who sent me here doesn’t trust me anymore.
  • 2: Is V safe?
  • 3: (any)
  • 4: The connection seems unstable… I’m worried about him.
  • 5: That man I saw was you, right? Are you ok?
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: (any)
  • 8: Alright, I’ll keep a secret about what happens here.
  • 9: Seven, do you invent things a lot?
  • 10: You’ve encrypted them since you can’t tell right now where you are, right?
  • 11: Did he forget the word he input by any chance?
  • 12: (any)
  • 13: V… shouldn’t you get help from the rest of the RFA?
  • 14: (any)
  • 15: V…I really want to know what you’re thinking.
  • 16: I understand that you’re trying to do this alone… But promise me that you’ll be safe, V.
  • 17: Seven…thank you for understanding V.
  • 18: Uh..did you get hurt by any chance?
  • 19: Ok… Please call me as soon as you can

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Walkthrough Route Good Ending [Updated 2020]

Jumin with his full name Jumin Han is the richest character in Mystic Messenger because he is the son of C&R international company owner. He always out for trips.Mystic Messenger

He loves cats and claims that only cats are loyal to him. It owned a Persian Cats named Elizabeth. 707 call him Elly. He loves his father as well and they often exchange gifts. Jumin likes to have wine with him always.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Walkthrough – What Is The Route Of Jumin?

You have maximum chances to have a happy ending if you are on the route of Jumin Han. We have provided almost everything you need to know about the walkthrough of Jumin Han. If you want to have Jumin Han make sure that you are playing win Deep Story mode in mysticmessenger.info.

What’s the Reason Behind Messenger Jumin x Zen

As we told above that Jumin is one of the richest characters in Mystic Messenger. His perspective about the world is very different as compared to other characters. That is why Jumin and Zen often came into conflict with each other. But the thing is that they don’t care about what others think about them. And even they help RFA members when any one of them faces problems.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Day 1


  • 1: Hello.
  • 2: But Jumin, don’t you have to go to work?
  • 3: I was just bored lol
  • 4: Wow! So pretty.
  • 5: Isn’t it natural to just work as much as you get paid?
  • 6: I’m pretty sure it’s tears of joy +_+
  • 7: Goodbye.

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Review Updated in 2020

Jaehee Kang is now the only female alive in Mystic Messenger. Besides a central character, she is a member of the RFA. She is also a personal assistant to Jumin. She is the chief secretary of the C&R International companies. One more thing, she is a big fan of Zen. Her personality totally changes when she talks to him.

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route:

You can play with Jaehee only in casual story mode. If you’re playing in Deep or Another Story mode, you can’t play with her. We are providing you the guide that how you can get her route from day 1.Mystic Messenger Jaehee

  • 1: I am [your name]. Who are you all and what is this place?
  • 2: I came here while chatting with a person called ‘Unknown’. Do you know him by chance?
  • 3: Yes.
  • 4: I just wanted to chat with pretty boys…
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: (any)
  • 8: (any)
  • 9: Please explain.
  • 10: (any)
  • 11: (any)
  • 12: I’m not interested.

Day 1:


  • 1: I still have no idea how to play this game T_T
  • 2: Sorry if I hurt your feelings^^
  • 3: Aren’t you tired?
  • 4: Shouldn’t you be getting more sleep…?
  • 5: I’m pretty lazy.
  • 6: It’s nothing. You’re just concerned for me.
  • 7: Thank you for your advice.

707 Mystic Messenger Route Character Walkthrough Fan Fiction 2020

707 Mystic Messenger

Saeyoung Choi also known as 707 or just seven is one of the amazing and important characters in Mystic Messenger. He is brilliant and a smart hacker and played the role of secret agent to the Mint Eye in the game. He is one of those who discover RFA. He loves to eat fast food. He has a very naughty attitude and loves to have cats.

What’s the Mystic Messenger 707 Route?

His route will definitely give you a full idea about the plot. If you want to face 707 you have to play with deep story mode. We’ll suggest you play with 707 in the end because he has a lot of secrets which will help you in the other story for sure. If you want to be on 707’s route make sure to start at the Prologue and running through to the Day 4 branch.

How to deal with Mystic Messenger 707 Route Day 1? – Mystic Messenger 707 Walkthrough

If you want a happy ending with trying to get the 707 route and don’t want a full walkthrough, try out Mystic Messenger Day 1 through 4 chat times schedule. It will help you a lot.

Day 1:


  • 1: I’m a pretty unique person.
  • 2: Thank you ^^
  • 3: Have fun~


  • 1: Hello, 707.
  • 2: The cat’s pretty… haha
  • 3: Seven just seems like he likes to joke around?
  • 4: I think he’s funny.
  • 5: Bye, my bae character~
  • 6: I’ll believe you.
  • 7: (any)


  • 1: You’re not playing games?
  • 2: I think yes way;
  • 3: Can’t you just tell me?
  • 4: (any)
  • 5: Good bye, Seven.


  • 1: How do you do, Mr. Han?
  • 2: Why?
  • 3: Is the job hard?
  • 4: I’ll try my best.
  • 5: I’m not interested.
  • 6: Conquering the world.
  • 7: (any)


  • 1: Whoah~! Who is this guy?!
  • 2: Because you like me?
  • 3: Maybe she is really still alive?
  • 4: She’s beautiful. (Alt Selection 3)
  • 5: Why did you have to show it now;;
  • 6: Okay.
  • 7: Thank you for telling me all these things.


  • 1: Jaehee, you’re still awake.
  • 2: I plan to try my best.
  • 3: I am curious of 707.
  • 4: You’re fun too
  • 5: (any)

Best 707 Mystic Messenger Icon – Mystic messenger 707 Fan Fiction:

Here are some of the best icons and fan fictions of 707 from Mystic Messenger.

Zen Mystic Messenger Route Deep & Casual Wiki Story for 2020

Zen Mystic Messenger Fan Art

Zen with his real name Hyun Ryn is a famous character in the group. Most people think that he is flirty because he loves taking selfies. But it’s not true he just wants to prove to himself that he is a skilled person. You may see him doing workouts and improving his skills. Zen Mystic Messenger Route is available in casual story mode.

What Is The Zen’s Route In Mystic Messenger?

Zen Mystic Messenger Route - Deep & Causal Wiki StoryYou met Zen in the casual story of the Mystic Messenger. To unlock the route of Zen in Mystic Messenger you have to collect maximum hearts you can. As he is a nice and understanding character, it’s easier to end the game with him at happy moments.

Mystic Messenger Zen’s Walkthrough:

We have collected probably all the possible answers that you face during the walkthrough of Zen in Mystic Messenger.

Day 0:

  • 1: Reveal yourselves first. I’m the most confused one here…
  • 2: I am flustered too. I was connected to a stranger through a messenger app and he sent me the address.
  • 3: Ya. I know nothing.
  • 4: just got it @ app store…
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: (any)
  • 8: (any)
  • 9: I’m not really interested,
  • 10: (any)
  • 11: (any)
  • 12: (any)

Day 1:


  • 1: Hello, Zen
  • 2: My heart’s beating fast too.
  • 3: Whuut… Perv…
  • 4: You can go out with me./Why that long?


  • 1: Hello.
  • 2: What were you doing, Zen?
  • 3: (any)
  • 4: omfg…/Jumin’s kinda scary ;;
  • 5: It’s better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict.
  • 6: Can we change the subject?
  • 7: Goodbye, lovely Zen ^^


  • 1: (any)
  • 2: Are you okay?
  • 3: (any)
  • 4: (any)
  • 5: (any)


  • 1: Zen, you’re on.
  • 2: Why?
  • 3: Why do I have to prove my worth to anyone?
  • 4: I first intend to try my best.
  • 5: I’m not sure yet… I’ll just do it for now I guess.
  • 6: Go ahead Zen.


  • 1: Zen, you’re not sleeping yet?
  • 2: I tend to.
  • 3: I’m excited for all the things to come.
  • 4: That’s good haha
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: I’ll go to bed soon.


  • 1: I’m sleepy…
  • 2: Just cuz…
  • 3: I’ll think about it,
  • 4: I’m curious about Zen.
  • 5: ^^
  • 6: (any)

Day 2:


  • 1: Zen, whassup?
  • 2: What are you doing.
  • 3: You must feel good.
  • 4: Does your popularity have anything to do with you getting a girlfriend?
  • 5: That might be best for both people.
  • 6: That just sounds like you want a girlfriend.
  • 7: It won’t disappear.
  • 8: Good luck~


  • 1: it’s the notorious 707!
  • 2: lolol you’re quite full of yourself
  • 3: Zen, hello.
  • 4: You don’t like cats?
  • 5: I think that’s abuse…
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: Goodbye.
  • 8: What do you think he meant?
  • 9: (any)
  • 10: Alright. thank you for your concern.


  • 1: (any)
  • 2: (any)
  • 3: Hello, Zen~!
  • 4: (any)
  • 5: Someone must know that I’ve joined RFA.
  • 6: I’m a bit scared.. T_T
  • 7: I think it will be fun. I hope we get to hold the party again.
  • 8: (any)
  • 9: I was thankful that he worried for me..
  • 10: (any)
  • 11: See you later, Zen.


  • 1: Zen, are you done with work?
  • 2: (any)
  • 3: You must be starting a new piece~ Congratulations.
  • 4: lololol good for you
  • 5: I think it’ll suit you well.
  • 6: Do you want me to help you practice your lines?
  • 7: Anytime ^^


  • 1: Zen, are you practicing your lines?
  • 2: (any)
  • 3: Sounds good. [Unlocks email]
  • Looking forward to your awesome performance.

The Zen Mystic Messenger Fan Art:

Top Mystic Messenger Characters Names For 2020

Top Mystic Messenger Characters Names For 2020

Top Mystic Messenger Characters NamesThere are seven characters in the game. In which six are alive and one (Rika) is dead. You will play with different characters in different stories e.g. Zen and Yoosung are available in Casual Story while V and 707 are only available in Deep story with Mystic Messenger Characters Names.

All Main Mystic Messenger Characters – Mystic Messenger Name List:

As we told above there are seven game characters, named are as follows:

  1. Zen

  2. Yoosung

  3. Jaehee Kang

  4. Jumin Han

  5. 707

  6. V

  7. Rika

Mystic Messenger Female Character – Mystic Messenger Girl Character:

Rika is the only female girl in Mystic Messenger. She is a beautiful girl with long hair and fair skin color. She is in the one who founded RFA. Unfortunately, there is no route for Rika in the games. It’s also told that she dies but no one is ready to witness this. We were informed that Rika was on a mission to save other members of the RFA. But she goes confused because of stress.

Mystic Messenger Character 707:

Saeyoung Choi also known as 707 or just seven is one of the amazing and important characters in Mystic Messenger. He is brilliant and a smart hacker and played the role of secret agent to the Mint Eye in the game. He is one of those who discover RFA. He loves to eat fast food. He has a very naughty attitude and love to have cats.

Best Mystic Messenger Character Fan Art – Mystic Messenger Characters Chibi